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Thermal Bridging

Unilin Insulation Advanced Detailing delivers

A major factor in the performance of the building fabric is not simply the amount of insulation you install, but how it interconnects with other components and the other insulated elements within the design.

It has been estimated that up to 30% of the heat loss in a well-insulated building is through these “Non Repeating Thermal Bridges”. It is critical when calculating the performance of low energy buildings that this heat loss is measured and minimized.

With Unilin Insulation’s Advanced Detailing and engineered jointing of boards the insulation continuity of your project is assured.

Thermal Bridging – The principals

Thermal Bridging – Measurement

Where do you get the junction performances from?

Unilin Insulation PSI Values

Full fill or Partial fill? Aerated or Dense Block?

Wall U-values? 0.21 – 0.12 w/m2K

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