Lowering embodied carbon in construction

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At Unilin Insulation, in line with our sustainability pledge, we are committed to achieving lower embodied carbon in builds.

Embodied carbon are the carbon emissions emitted producing a building’s materials, their transport and installation on site, as well as their disposal at end of life.

Between now and 2050, embodied carbon is expected to account for nearly 50% of the overall carbon footprint of new construction. Embodied carbon is now intrinsic to the new A2 standard EPD assessments.

It has been independently proven that with clever design using high-performance Unilin Insulation, we can reduce embodied carbon levels in construction which meet and can exceed, targets set by FHH [Future Home Standard 2025], LETI [Climate Emergency Design Guide], and the RIBA/RIAI 2030 Climate Challenge.

Find out more on how to meet and exceed targets for the reduction of embodied carbon in construction, by downloading our Embodied Carbon Report.

Embodied Carbon Report

XCO2 were commissioned to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for four different dwelling types using the typical material specifications to meet the embodied carbon targets set by organisations across the UK and Ireland.

This report summarises these findings and how clever design and the use of high-performance materials on masonry builds can meet targets.

We hope this report will encourage information sharing and engagement on the topic of reducing embodied carbon in builds and improving new build specifications.

Download our Embodied Carbon Report
Unilin Insulation printed booklet of study - An Overview of the process & calculation of embodied carbon in a study of house types



Our ECO360 product range is a commitment by Unilin Insulation to continually review and improve the sustainable credentials of our product offering and services, to reduce the environmental impact of the projects we provide product for in terms of operational energy, embodied carbon and whole life carbon .

ECO360 Credentials:

  • Bio-enhanced formulation
  • Helps achieve RIBA, FHH, LETI & RIAI targets
  • Halogen free formulation
  • Improved thermal performance of 0.020 W/mK
  • Bio-degradable packaging materials
  • Verified EPD
Download our ECO360 Brochure
Unilin Insulation ECO360 range


We are proud to be a part of the RIAI/RIBA CPD Providers Network.

You can register your interest in our CPDs specifically on Climate Challenge Energy Targets, Accounting for Embodied Carbon & Designing to Zero Carbon.

Eamonn Clarke, Technical Manager of UK& IRE Unilin Insulation

Eamonn Clarke, Technical Manager

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For information and guidance on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), embodied carbon in construction and specifying insulation product to help achieve targets, contact our team of technical specialists.

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